It gives us great pleasure to introduce an exciting and new professional performance ensemble in Miami.  Nu Deco Ensemble strives to complement the existing pillars of artistic excellence, while bringing something unique to Miami’s cultural renaissance. With innovative programming, we aim to add to the cultural growth in Miami, while breaking new musical and collaborative grounds. Nu Deco Ensemble will be a vehicle for community collaborations with artists of all mediums, and strives to usher in an era of artistic richness.

With educational initiatives geared toward illuminating tomorrow’s concert goers, as well as connecting young people in underserved areas of Miami, Nu Deco Ensemble will utilize technology, which can be used from the classroom to the concert hall. With composition workshops led by some of this generation’s most dynamic young composers, Nu Deco Ensemble will provide tools, assistance and passion to the younger composers of tomorrow. Our community engagement initiatives aim to bring intimate performances to environments where music and culture are absent. Nu Deco Ensemble will also serve as a mechanism to connect artists to one another throughout our eclectic city.

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