"Nu" Works Initiative

To begin a new series to compliment its acclaimed conductorless orchestral programs, Kaleidoscope is launching a Call for Scores for chamber music works to be premiered in its third season! Composers of selected pieces will be reimbursed for international travel to and from Los Angeles and be offered 1 week of housing accommodations in Santa Monica leading up to performances. Works will be given at least 7 rehearsals, and performances will be professionally video recorded and performed by some of the leading musicians in Los Angeles.


  • Open to composers of any nationality and age
  • Open to works of all genres
  • Entry Fee: $35 for one score or $70 for two scores. Two scores max allowed for submission.
  • Orchestration should be written for: - 1.1.1 - pfo - electric guitar - electric bass - perc (drum set +3 players) -
  • Orchestration can be written for smaller chamber groups or can be reduced for Nu Deco Ensemble by composer
  • Preference will be given to those scores with accompanying piano, midi or live audio recording
  • Please specify if this will be a world premiere, a US premiere, or an east coast premiere
  • Selected pieces will be announced by Fall 2017 to be premiered in Spring 2018
  • Nu Deco will provide winner(s) with: mixed audio recording, one (1) domestic flight or $500 travel voucher for international flight to live performance, and housing in Miami for performance week

Submission Instructions:

  • Create a folder titled with the following format: Last Name_First Name
  • Place your resume (PDF), one-page bio, scores (PDF), and audio recordings into your folder
  • Please label all files with your last name, first name and a short description of the file. Example: Smith_John_Resume
  • Login with your Google account - or setup a free Gmail account
  • Select Drive
  • Select Upload > Folder
  • Once the folder has uploaded, select the share icon and change the access settings to "anyone with the link"
  • Paste the google drive link in the "Message" area below
  • Click submit
  • To finish your application, submit the entry fee at the bottom of this page. Your file will not be opened until the entry fee has been paid.
  • For any questions, please email: 2017NDECall4Scores@gmail.com
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